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Ben Bates Creative Graphic Montage

Design for Print Advertising, Corporate Identity, Logos, Posters/Flyers, Business Cards and Mailing Campaigns.

I'm not an illustrator by hand and probably could not draw an exciting stick figure, but photoshop and illustrator software, amongst others, do get my creative juices flowing. My experience over the years allows me to creatively complete layout designs for brochures, catalogs and business cards, as well as logos and any print media or advertising.

 A selection of some of my own designs and layouts below


Logo Design $98 (as part of a website design package)

You will receive:

Two logo design concepts as well as full Copyright to the logo.

(Your logo will belong to you and can be used for websites, print materials, business cards ...etc.)

Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook Suncoast Facepainting

It was a pleasure working with Ben on my new website. I love what he did with my site and particularly the logo. I will highly recommend him to anyone for creative work.

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Ken McBride (Entertainer)
Ken McBride (Entertainer) Ken McBride Himself

W hen it became time to build a new website, I didn't hesitate to give Ben Bates a call to build my site. Since then, Ben does all my graphic work - online and advertising.

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